Welcome to this site.

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These are items taking discoveries as a starting point and then going off in various directions. At times they are meant to be funny.

Many of these items concern Malaysia. Others start with found objects. Others concern collage work.


6 Responses to Welcome

  1. yummania says:

    loved your work from flickr.
    keep on.

  2. Michelle Jia says:

    I think you’re an incredible collage artist–what a joy and blessing to have stumbled across your Flickr page–thank you for the fantastic work!

  3. Helo! Im a student from Chile and im using your collages as a refernt in a part of my ba graduate thesis in design. I just did a collage using your style. And in the printed book of my tesis im showing your work as a referent. But i need to know how old are you.. just to complete the info and don just say your are a senior (that sounds weird). I know your are from uk, you are a retired teacher. But neet to complete that info with your age.
    Thank you very much for your inspiring artwork!!

    • rhmay says:

      Hello Francisca, and Thankyou for your kind remarks. I am 67 born 5/ 5/ 1949. I’ve not made any new pictures for a month or so because I have been busy uploading 1000 of them to Society6 in the hope of selling some as prints. When I have finished I intend to go through the Flickr site and delete several hundred of the less good pictures on the grounds that “less is more”. Maybe I can use some of the images again, but better.
      I hope your dissertation is a great success! Can you refer me to those pictures you have done in my style? I would like to see them.
      Best wishes,

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